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I help businesses get clarity on their end goal and strategize a perfect digital marketing plan for a profitable business by giving them a solution to craft an accurate customer value journey.

In 2007 I started as a curious blogger and by 2012 blogging and digital marketing became my full time profession. From running a professional blog and working as a freelancer, I founded a digital marketing agency, called ThinkCrow. In 4 years, thinkcrow has worked with 1000+ national & foreign clients to help them grow online.

I give digital marketing and self investment training to help digital aspirants build their personal brand and create a self investment income streams.

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Productivity Challenge

Rewire your brain to beat procrastination with the method inspired by Bhagwad Gita and latest scientific findings by joining this 30 days productivity challenge. Around 20%, that’s one out of every five individuals of the population have agreed that they are chronic procrastinator. And if you are reading this, chances are you are among them.

I was a procrastinator too, but not anymore. I know everything about the mental dilemma one experience when you are not able to give your 100% focus on your dreams. To completely change your life, procrastination is one of the significant obstacles we need to cross but only a few of us gets out of it.

Procrastination is the force of resistance inside all of us and the result of our habits, well-being, attitudes, and behaviour. If you are someone who procrastinates, you must be fully aware of the negative effect it can have on your psychological wellness and life. Regardless of whether you procrastinate occasionally, or do it hardcore, this productivity program is for you.


Mr. Morgan, Founder(HBC)

Altamash is dynamic and energetic, who knows his clients best interest through his great expertise in Digital Marketing and SEO. He is able to quickly find the best possible solution and deliver superb results to client needs. I would strongly recommend Altamash without any hesitation.

Ron Stark,
Founder (FearlessGiraffe)

I have known Altamash since his initial days in the industry & worked with him on multiple occasions in different industries and projects. I’ve seen him hack trends through social media channels (especially, twitter) first hand.

 Over the last 5 years, he has immensely grown his brand in the social-first digital marketing industry.

 If you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business into a consumer-centric brand through digital channels, Altamash is your guy.

Vinay Katiyar, SEO Consultant (VinayKatiyar.com)

Altamash did a great job with two of my businesses. Very professional, punctual and nice bloke to boot! I call him Mr Hammer because he hits the nail on the head with his results!

Mr. Karcher, Founder (K Faktor)

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Mr. Morgan, Founder(HBC)
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